Distribution of Keplerian elements is now covered by (Public Law 108-136, Section 913).  As a result, Two-Line Elements (TLEs)  will be available exclusively through Air Force Space Command at their web site Space-Track.org.  For further information, please see http://www.celestrak.com/NORAD/elements/notice.asp

Data from Space-Track.org may only be accessed by holders of valid accounts.  Users must supply their username and password in order to browse into the site and select data files to download.  In order to use Nova's download capability with Space-Track, you must have a username and password from them.  NLSA will not provide usernames or passwords.  Please see the logon page at http://www.space-track.org for information on establishing an account.

Enter your Space-Track.org username and password in the appropriate spots on the Space-Track.org tab in the Configure internet page.  Remember, the password is case sensitive.

Select the files that you want from the list.  Note that the Full catalog contains all the satellites in the remaining individual files.  Consequently, there is no point in downloading the full catalog and any of the remaining files.  Also note that the full catalog is huge.  It contains more than 8,500 satellites, including  hundreds of duplicate satellite names and TLEs for tiny pieces of debris, spent rocket parts, and space junk.  Although Nova can accommodate this many satellites, some operations will become sluggish and Nova's memory requirements will increase.  You are urged to consider carefully whether you really need this large database.   The vast majority of users will find that one or two of the individual files will serve their needs. 

If you have configured "My favorites" at Space-Track, you can download only this TLEs by selecting My favorites on the list.

For reasons known only to the maintainers of Space-Track.org, only satellites whose elements have been updated are included in the individual files.  Therefore, the satellites included in the files will change from time to time.

Visitors to the Space-Track.org site will note that each TLE group may be downloaded with or without satellite names.  Nova's internet download is configured to download the TLEs with satellite names.  In many cases, the name give to a satellite by NASA is not the same as the name that you might want to use.  By selecting Preserve satellite names, Nova is configured to ignore the Space-Track name if you have previously specified a different name for the satellite in setup/satellites.

Space-Track supplies their Keplerian element data in "g-zipped format" compressed files.  Nova automatically inflates the files, strips off header lines, and writes the files as ASCII text (.TXT) files with the original Space-Track filenames in Nova's \Data folder.  If Retain individual downloaded files is not selected, the files are erased after Nova updates from them.

Options opens the Space_Track Options window.

Open Browser opens your default browser to the Space-Track web site.