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Automatic Time & Location Setting from GPS

Note: NovaGPS does not work with Windows 7 64-bit

NovaGPS' Main Screen

Top portion : Selects manual or automatic operation.

Bottom portion : Five pages for configuring NovaGPS' operation

NovaGPS provides manual or automatic setting of time and location from consumer-grade (or better) GPS receivers. NovaGPS is not the same as Dr. Tom Clark's Totally Accurate Clock because NovaGPS does not require a specialized GPS receiver or modification to other GPS receivers. Instead, NovaGPS offers accuracy to better than 0.5 seconds using off-the-shelf GPS receivers such as the Garmin GPS-38, GPS-45, etc. Any GPS receiver with NMEA 0183 output will work with NovaGPS.

NovaGPS may be run stand-alone from the Windows '95 desktop or it may be called from the main menu of within Nova for Windows 32 or Orbcomm View. If NovaGPS is called from NfW32 it will automatically update the latitude & longitude of Nova's AutoTracking Observer.

Nova GPS' Features

Uses almost any GPS receiver

Accurate time setting

Accurate location

Download NovaGPS demo.

System requirements

Price : $19.95 + shipping
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