Moon-Net and Nova-Net use an e-mail distribution system called "Mailman."  It is configured to accept postings from members of the list ("subscribers") and to hold all messages from non-members for approval.  This feature is a blessing because it filters out spam but it can cause problems for some legitimate members of the the lists.

Some people receive their e-mail through several sources.  For example, they may route it through an address like or  This is fine for receiving e-mail from Moon-Net or Nova-Net.

A problem can arises when you try to post a message to Moon-Net or Nova-Net.  The Mailman robot checks the "From" part of your posting to see if it matches any entry in the membership list.  If you originally subscribed to Moon-Net or Nova-Net as but your "From" field now says, then the robot thinks that your posting is from a non-member.

It's easy to correct the situation.  Just follow these steps: